Who We Are

We are the largest network of regional warehouses with the right OEM parts.

Collectively Prime offers the largest inventory of OEM Parts in the nation. Our warehouses are strategically located so that we may fill most orders the following day at ground freight rates.


Every order placed with Prime is presented to the nearest distributors where the parts will be used. We are not only interested in keeping your equipment healthy; we are interested in keeping your local economy and community healthy.


Prime has been built around the core philosophy of “The right part at the right time from the right people”. Who are the right people? They are the local and regionally based employees from independent distributors across the USA. We are reshaping OEM parts distribution with all stakeholders in mind.


Not only was Prime built around great products, it is structured around some fundamental values and philosophies about treating employees, customers and vendors with respect and dignity - we call them our Prime Principles.